Yearly Festival 2010

The Gold Processing Work of Sreekovil Gold Plating Project is being inaugurated by His Excellency Sri.K.Sankaranaryanan, Govermer of Maharastra, during his visit to the Temple on 14th Feb 2010

The Sacred Makara Jothi is Shown by the Melasanthi Nenminimangalatth Sathyanarayanan Namboodiri, on 2010.

Arathi is shown by the Thanthri Brahmasree Palakkattillathu Neelakandan Namboodiri after the Completion of Mahaganapathy homam

Daily Poojas


The Temple opens at 5.00 AM and Closes at 11.00 AM


Opening time 5.00 PM and Closing Time 9.00 PM

05.00 AM

Nirmalya Darsanam

07.00 AM

Uchapooja, Seeveli

08.00 AM to 09.00 AM


10.30 AM

Uchapooja, Seeveli

11.00 AM

Temple Closes

05.00 PM

Temple Opens

06.15 PM to 06.40 PM


08.15 PM

Athazhapooja, Seeveli

09.00 PM