Yearly Poojas

Occassional Poojas (once in a Year)

Sree Sdidhapudur Ayyappan Temple is governed by The Coimbatore Sree Ayyappa Seva Sangham, the founder Trustees. Poojas and Agamas in this Temple are strictly followed as those observed in the Mahakshethras of Kerala.

This Temple is visited and worshipped by thousands of Bhakthas during Mandalam, not only from Coimbatore but also from all parts of the Country and Abroad.

Apart from the Regular Poojas, there are lot of special poojas from January till December. During Jan 14th the Makaravilakku Day on which Makarajothi appears at Sabarimala, the Mahadheeparadhana is performed by the Temple Melsanthi and the Sacred Jyothi is shown to the Bhakthas.

During the month of February (Ayilya Star in the Kumbha Month) a very special pooja is performed to Lord Nagaraja, by renowned Priests from the famous Pampumekkat Illam. This Pooja is perfomed once in a year in this Temple, and this is being performed to recover from Nagadhosham, Marriage Dhosham, Puthra Dhosham etc.,

The Annual festival of this Temple falls either in March or in April. The Prathishta Day i.e. Rohini Star in Meenam Month is being celebrated as the Birth Day of Sidhapdur Sree Ayyappan. This Annual festival is celebrated with pomp and splendor. The eight days long festival consists of various rituals and special poojas as well as different types of Temple arts in the Temple Premises and Cultural programs in the nearby community hall performed by highly reputed artists. Among these rituals, the Kalabhabhishekam is performed to Lord Ayyappa, i.e. Abhishekam with Pure sandal paste mixed with Kumkumapoo, Kasthuri, and Khorojanam. During the Karkitaka Month, the special Ashtadhravya Ganapathy Homam and Bhagavathseva is performed throughout the month for the fulfillment of various prayers of the Bhakthas. During this month eight days long Sreemad Bhagavatha Sapthaha Yagnam is performed every year by the renowned Acharyas. Apart from these, Discourses in Tamil and Malayalam is also performed every year by popular Vedanthies.

The Navarathri Festival In this Temple is a very famous festival among the Bhakthas in and around the city. Special Ashtabhishekam is performed to Goddess Devi. During these days, cultural arts like Bharthanatyam, Music concerts etc, will be performed by new and existing artists as Samarpanam (Submission) to the Goddess on an exquisitely decorated Navarathri Mandapam. On the 8th Day of the Navarathri Festival the Students in around the city will bring their study books to keep them under the Lotus Feet of Goddess Saraswathy, who is believed to be the Lord of Knowledge. After the completion of five Poojas to these study materials, kept under the lotus feet of Goddess Saraswathy the books are being taken back on the 10th day i.e. the Vijayadasami Day and the students restart their studies. On the Vijayadasami Day the Aksharabhyasam is given to the children who is supposed to be admitted to the school during the next academic year. The Bhakthas of this Temple made it as a policy that their kith and kin start their first education from this Temple. Every year more than 2,500 children are given Aaksharabhyasam in this Temple on Vidhyarambham day.

Illam Nira Pooja and Puthari Nivedhya Pooja are the other type of special Poojas performed in this Temple. As a gratitude towards the Lord, for his grace to get more grains on cultivation, it was made as a custom in olden days, to offer the first cultivated grains and the Nivedhyam made out of the New grain. The same custom is followed till now and the pooja will be normally during the month of August.

The Mandalam period i.e. Nov 16th to Jan 14th, is the busiest period in this Temple. On the first day i.e. Karthikai 1, around 3000 to 4000 people will come to this temple for maladharanam to start their Mandalavritham. Similarly more than 15,000 people start their Pilgrimage to Sabarimala after irumudi Kettu from here. The Lakshrachana performed in this Temple from 1st Dec to 12th Dec, by the famous priests from Kerala, is very popular among the Bhakthas of Lord Sidhapudur Ayyappan. The Laksharchana is performed in a specially decorated Laksharchana Mandapam. On the 13th day of Laksharchana the Kalabha Kalasam is being taken on procession and the Kalabhabhishekam is performed to the Lord Ayyappan.

During December the Akhandanama Bhajana (Singing Bhajans in front of Lord Ayyappa 24 hours continuously) is conducted followed by an Annadhanam on a single day in a large scale in which more than 25,000 people from all walks of life take part.

On the 41st Day, the Mandalavilakku is performed, and on the same day the Mahaganapathy Homam in a specially designed Homakundam is performed by the Temple Thanthri.

Aganfa Naamam

Gomatha Pooja

Illam Nira

Maha Mriyhunjhaya Homam

Mahaa Ganapathy Homam

Makara Vilakku