The temple has a well maintained gosala with 25 big Cows. The pure milk yielded in this gosala is used for Abhishekam and for the preparation of Nivedhyam. The Gomatha pooja is performed to these Cows on every frist Friday of Malayalam/Tamil month. The devotees can perform the pooja in their name and for their family to overcome the following evil effects.

  • To eradicate the Poorva Jenma evil effects
  • To eradicate the Delayed marriage due to evil effects
  • To eradicate the Lack of children due to evil effects
  • To attain prosperity and flourishness
  • To eradicate mental agony and harassment.

Daily Poojas


The Temple opens at 5.00 AM and Closes at 11.00 AM


Opening time 5.00 PM and Closing Time 9.00 PM

05.00 AM

Nirmalya Darsanam

07.00 AM

Uchapooja, Seeveli

08.00 AM to 09.00 AM


10.30 AM

Uchapooja, Seeveli

11.00 AM

Temple Closes

05.00 PM

Temple Opens

06.15 PM to 06.40 PM


08.15 PM

Athazhapooja, Seeveli

09.00 PM