Welcome to Sidhapudur Sree Ayyappan Temple

Coimbatore is one of the biggest cities in South India. The temple of Lord Sri Ayyappa Swami is situated in the mid part of the city,.The devotees are much proud to honour the temple as the Second Sabari Mala. The Siddhapudur Ayyappa Swami Temple is a well known and a famous temple.

Devotees from the other states, they commence their Sabarimala Pilgirimage with the sacred garlanding and "Virtha" the (procedural diet restrictions). During their Pilgrim, they visit Sidhapudur Sri Ayyappa Swamy Temple and stay on account of rest.Then they continue the pilgrimage. And that this temple in considered as a mid-station for rest, to the devotees from all over India. This place is in known for purity and divinity.

This temple has got a noble history of establishment. In the early stage, specifically during 1942 some of the devotees started the Pooja Sang in a simple way of worship through Bhajans. During the traditional Mandal Pooja they started the “Ayyappan Vilakku Pooja”. Then they commenced the Sabari Mala Yathra. This custom was regulated properly and continued in every year.

During 1955, the registration under the society act, took place in the name of “THE COIMBATORE SREE AYYAPPA SEVA SANGAM”. Gradually the development was attended with the guidance of devotees.

In the year 1958, a land to construct a temple was purchased at Siddhapudur. The industrialist Sri Narasi Thulasidas aided further in providing a shed at the temple site. The devotees continued their worship in the shed after installing the portrait of Lord Sri Ayyappaswamy. The Bajans and Poojas were conducted in a proper manner.

His Excellency Vishnuram Medhi, the Governor of Tamilnadu laid the foundation stone for the purpose of construction of the Temple. During 1966, Brahma Sri Kanippaiyur Shankaran Nambudhiripad had rendered the sacred chart consisting of the dimensional measures and symmetrical proportions of the structure of the temple. It was thus, implemented and the formations of the temple were done with the strict norms and regulations of the ancient carpentry and building systems.

Daily Poojas

05.00 AM

Nirmalya Darsanam

07.00 AM

Uchapooja, Seeveli

08.00 AM to 09.00 AM


10.30 AM

Uchapooja, Seeveli

11.00 AM

Temple Closes

05.00 PM

Temple Opens

06.15 PM to 06.40 PM


08.15 PM

Athazhapooja, Seeveli

09.00 PM